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Moving a Flat Screen Television

Relocation Disassemble

If you have the original box the TV came in with the packing foam, that is one of the best ways to transport your television.  Two people to pack the box is ideal, and never have the TV lying down, always upright. 

If you do not have the original box/foam, you will have to wrap the television and utilize painter's tape to help secure the foam wrap.  A technician will have ways of also making sure your screen is extra secure as well.

During transport remember to keep the TV upright and make sure not to place any pressure on the screen side.

Relocation Reassemble

Follow the same rules to set up your television in your new home.  If it's rather large make sure to enlist the help of another person, or have your technicians carefully and skillfully uncrate one of your prized possessions. 


If you need to hire a technician for this service, which is always recommended, please contact us:

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