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Moving a Grandfather Clock

Relocation Disassemble

Clocks can be very sensitive and temperamental.  A grandfather clock is a very common, but time consuming and particular moving act.  First – make sure to never move a clock, even across the room, with all of the pieces intact.  There is a careful procedure to follow.

Next, when moving the clock, you’ll want to start with the pendulum.  Following that, the weights will be the next critical step.   A technician will know what to do depending on the style of clock next involving what should be wound and how much and when. When the weights are removed they will need to be carefully marked in a particular way to know where they shall go when the clock is reassembled.

A wooden crate should be built specifically for your grandfather clock based on its size and dimensions.  Bubble wrap and padding will also required for its protected shipping.

Relocation Reassemble

When you get to the new home, take the same great care with it.  A technician should uncrate the clock and know exactly what steps to take to piece it back together correctly and efficiently without doing any harm to it.    Pick the exact place that you want it to live in your new home, and that is where the technician will set it up.


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Grandfather Clock

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