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Moving a Swing Set

Many swing sets or outdoor play sets require more than one person to disassemble and reassemble, making them fairly expensive. Metal swing sets are fairly straightforward, except for the fact that the hardware may be rusty and require some replacement at destination. On wooden swing sets, exposure to weather complicates matters as the hardware may rust and the lumber may swell or split.

Most swing sets that are set in concrete require extra time and materials to disassemble and reassemble.


Relocation Disassemble

 Take a Polaroid or digital picture of swing set or do a sketch of the swing set and include with the hardware also include the manufacturers booklet or any instructions the shipper may have. Disassemble set to largest manageable sections and label all parts for easy assembly. Pricing varies with the size and types of swing sets.

Relocation Reassemble

Assemble the swing set in any location, but wherever you do choose must be level. If the area is not level, preparation by a landscaper prior to assembly is required, and this is not part of normal 3rd party service. The technician must be prepared with an assortment of treated exterior lumber and hardware. Many times damaging boards and broken, rusted hardware cannot be avoided during disassembly. We will replace some hardware free of charge on a limited basis for safety purposes but will charge for hardware lost during the move or lumber that must be replaced. On wooden swing sets and jungle gyms, additional technicians and time are usually required for assembly. No two swing sets are alike, and the cost is determined by the complexity of design and availability of a safe site for their installation.


If you need to hire a technician for this service, which is always recommended, please contact us:

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Swing Set

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