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Moving a Home Gym

Relocation Disassemble

A home fitness center is meant to be heavy in order to give you the best work out.  So it goes without saying that you'll need to be extra careful when moving one!  The weights will need to be carefully detached from the machine and the cables (if any) will have to be handled with care to risk any damage to them or the machine for future use.  A technician will carefully take a part the machine, piece by piece and put it in corresponding boxes or wrap the items, depending on what is necessary.

Relocation Reassemble

It is important not to strain yourself, so make sure that all of the clearly marked boxes are only handled by the moving professionals and the technicians.  They will reassemble your home gym in the place you designate in your new home. 

If you need to hire a technician for this service, which is always recommended, please contact us:

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