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Moving a Desktop Computer

Before you, or a technician, handles your personal computer remember to back up all of your files.  Using an external hard drive is our recommendation.   Accidents happen, and transporting a desktop tower with all of your important files is never guaranteed.  Better to be safe than sorry.   

Relocation Disassemble

If you can, use the boxes that the computer came in.  They oftentimes come with perfect packaging foam, and best to transport it the way it came.   If you cannot, considering consulting a technician to come and take care of moving it for you. They may have specific boxes and packaging for such an item.

Each piece of your computer will need to be wrapped specifically - the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, the printer, the scanner, the tower.  There are materials that help protect this item, so please contact a trained technician.

Relocation Reassemble

Your clearly marked boxes and items will need to be unpacked at the destination. The technician will carefully undo the boxes and place them where you'd like.

If you need to hire a technician for this service, which is always recommended, please contact us:

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