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Moving a Billiard (Pool) Table

Most pool tables are either a composite or a slate type. Attempting to lift one end of the table will tell you if it’s slate or not. If the table is a composite, then removal or folding of the legs is normally all that is required to service them. For regulation three-piece or single piece slate tables, conduct a visual inventory of table, making note of any pre-existing damage to the table.

Relocation Disassemble

Remove rails, staples and/or glue from the felt and remove the felt. Roll the felt over two pool cues and wrap this felt in a paper pad and label "pool table felt." Mark the table (to assist destination technician in the assembly process) and disassemble the remainder of the table and box all hardware. Label the box "pool table parts." Crate the all slates in individual crates using 1" x 4" spruce or 2" x 4" plywood material. A single piece slate table can be moved with a dolly without crating, only if it is traveling over a level surface. If a single slate pool table is going up stairs or crossing an uneven surface, the table must be disassembled and the slate crated. This service requires a proper number of service technicians, as the slates can weigh 400 to 600 pounds by themselves.

Relocation Reassemble

The assembly of a slate pool table per industry standards is time-consuming and exacting work. You must not be able to detect the seams and the surface must be perfectly level for the table to be “playable” when done. Our technicians use electronic mechanic’s level to level the table, and install the felt that was removed at origin and install pockets or return system as needed. For a one-piece slate, the same applies with the exception that additional labor may be required to move the slate onto the table as the driver generally leaves it in the garage. Uncrating slates is an additional charge. In most cases the playing felt can be re-used if its been properly removed and packed, and is usually good for 3 to 4 moves. We provide re-felting upon the customer's request, and at their expense. Re-felting can be costly, as you must recover the bumpers as well as the playing surface.

**Special Note on Pool Tables:

To prevent costly claims, an inspection and detailed condition report is documented by the origin technician, and displayed on the invoice. Some customers assume that their pool tables will automatically be recovered as part of the service, and your staff must make sure they understand this is not “normal” service, and the services are represented accurately. Thorough education of the customer, and documentation by the service personnel, ensures the mover will not have to pay for a very expensive (upwards of $300.00) re-covering. Also, certain antique billiard tables require the use of special wrenches when disassembling or reassembling the table. It is critically important to know if the approximate age, size and manufacturer of the table when communicating a service request.

Billiard / Pool Table


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