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Moving a Washer

Relocation Disassemble

Ensure that the machine is operational before initiating this preparation process. Lay down floor protection such as Masonite. Secure the drum with a washer pack, filament tape, or lock it internally as required. Next, drain the system and pump. This prevents freezing in the winter and mildew/bacteria buildup in warm weather or storage situations. Secure the electrical cord, retract the legs into the base, remove the inlet and drain hoses and either shrink-wrap or bubble-wrap the control panel.

Relocation Reassemble

Remove all washer pack or tub securing devices and reconnect the inlet hoses and the drain hose. Secure drain hose in the drain; replace the old hoses and washers with the new hoses and washers - only as needed. Authorization must be obtained for that type of service. Level the machine and test for operation.

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Front Load Washer

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