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Moving a Refrigerator (with an Ice Maker)

Relocation Disassemble

Lay down the floor protection such as Masonite to remove the refrigerator. Shut off the cold water at the saddle valve at the back of the refrigerator and cap it. Drain the inlet valve at the rear of the refrigerator to prevent freezing or bacteria buildup. Tape the inlet valve return line to the back of the refrigerator and remove the ice from the storage bin and ice auger dispenser.

Relocation Reassemble

Lay down the floor protection such as Masonite to install the refrigerator.  Reconnect the ice maker inlet valve to the cold water supply and make a connection at the saddle valve on the cold water line - if needed. Perform a visual inspection of the valve inside the refrigerator to check for leaks. Test the cold water dispenser if applicable. Move the refrigerator back into place. The unit may require 24 hours to reach proper temperature and several cycles before proper operation.


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Refrigerator with Ice Maker

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