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Alliance Relocation Services, one of the largest and fastest growing Crating and Third Party Service providers for the relocation industry, is joining the ranks of many North American companies who have achieved registration to International Standards Organization (ISO) 9002. An official announcement marked the occasion early July 2007.

ISO establishes standardized codes of good management practice for business, with the aim of ensuring that registered organizations can repeatedly deliver services that meet the customers requirements. Also known as a quality management system, qualifying for registration to ISO 9002 gives Alliance and its customers assurance that it is operating effectively.

The pursuit for superior quality was driven by our customers. Alliance’s record of high quality performance for existing customers has meant significant repeat business. In addition, Major Van Lines, Relocation Companies and their Corporate clients, are increasingly seeking service providers who are registered at some level of the ISO 9000 series of standards. This includes service providers of Crating and Third Party Services such as Alliance.

ISO 9002 will continue to broaden Alliance’s reach on a national and potentially global scale since the ISO set of standards are recognized around the world by buyers and suppliers of products and services.

Representatives of SRI Quality System Registrar officially handed over the ISO 9002 Registration Certificates to management and staff in July 2007.

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